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.FED.REP.BR (FEDerative REPublic of BRazil) is an extension of a domain, dedicated to foreigners or people and organizations that do international business with Brazil.

Unlike extensions such as .sp.gov.br (São Paulo state), .com.br, .net.br, .app.br, .xx.xx.nom.br, .rio.br (Rio de Janeiro City), which require Brazilian documentation from registrants that they live or have their headquarters in Brazil, .fed.rep.br, does not require Brazilian documentation or residence in Brazil.

The extension .FED.REP.BR was created in 2021 to facilitate the registration of domains by foreigners who do not have Brazilian documents or residency in Brazil.

Domain Registration

.FED.REP.BR is the acronym for the official name of Brazil in English (FEDerative REPublic of BRazil) and can be registered by:

- Embassies and Consulates;

- Domestic or international representatives;

- International, intergovernmental, and supranational organizations;

- Foreign companies and individuals;

- Brazilian organizations and individuals who do business abroad.


Geographic extensions, such as rj.gov.br (Rio de Janeiro state), .mg.leg.br (for Municipalities of Minas Gerais), and the extension .fed.rep.br, are not operated by NIC.br. The operation and registration of .fed.rep.br domains are carried out by FederalNIC, a division of the Brazilian company WHOIS Privacy Group, which specializes in .br domains and is one of the largest backend providers of .br domains for foreign registrars.


Domínios .FED.REP.BR

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FederalNIC [2]

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