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Status: Implemented
country: Egypt
Language: Arabic
Translates to: Egypt (صر.)
Manager: NTRA
Registry Provider: Egyptian Universities Network
Date Implemented: May 5, 2010
Type: IDN ccTLD
Key People
Dr. Amr Badawi, Executive President of NTRA

.masr (صر.) is the English pronunciation of the Arabic internationalized country code top level domain name (IDN ccTLD) for Egypt, which was implemented in the root zone of the internet domain name system (DNS) on May 5, 2010. The National Telecom Regulatory Authority of Egypt (NTRA) is the registry operator while Egyptian Universities Network is the back-end registry solutions provider for the .masr domain name space. [1]

The .masr TLD was one of the first three IDN ccTLDs implemented by ICANN in the DNS root zone along with السعودية. (AlSaudiah) for Saudi Arabia and امارات. (Emarat) for United Arab Emirates.[2] Egypt was the first country to announce its intention to apply for its IDN ccTLD through ICANN's new program, which it did in March, 2010.[3]

As of January, 9, 2013, the ccTLD has gone through its launch process and is now available for open registration.[4]


The application for the .masr IDN ccTLD was submitted to ICANN by the Egyptian Ministry of Communications Information Technology through the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) in November 2009. Its primary objective is to boost the businesses and increase the traffic of Arabic websites. [5]

Accredited Registrars

Entities can register their desired .masr domain names through the NTRA accredited registrars namely TE Data, Vodafone Data and Link Registrar. The Egyptian Universities Network (EUN) handles the domain name registrations of Egyptian governmental, academic and educational organizations. [6]