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Rent-logo (1).png
Status: Active
country: International
Registry Provider: XYZ
Registry: XYZ.COM LLC
Registry Backend: CentralNic
Date Implemented: 24 September 2015
Type: Generic
Category: Real Estate
Priority #: 1492 - XYZ.COM LLC
Registrations: 5,199
Parked Domains: 2,779
Parked Domain %: 53.45 %
Important Dates
Delegation: 30 April 2015
General Availability: 24 September 2015

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.rent is an active generic top level domain (gTLD). It is operated by XYZ.COM LLC, which also operates .xyz, .college, .security, .protection, .theatre .cars, .car, .auto and .storage .rent was created with the mission of providing the real estate and rental services markets with a keyword specific domain extension that also doubles as a short, clear call to action.

As of August 8, 2016, .rent domains have been registered in 80 countries.

Mission and Uses

The .rent domain’s mission is to give real estate and rental service companies an industry specific domain which will allow them to secure their market share and grow their business. The domain is also designed as a simple, short call to action, which serves commercial rental companies and individuals.

.rent serves a large general audience consisting of many companies in the rental and real estate industry. The .rent domain can be used to market properties and property management services, but can also used to market rental equipment, cars, electronics, apparel, services, boats, furniture, office space, travel, lifestyle, hospitality, jewelry, apps, books, and more.

As part of the broad range of users .rent is designed to serve, the domain can also be used by companies whose main focus in not in the rental industry. These companies can use a .rent to market specific products and services they make available for rent. This gives the site visitor a clear idea of the purpose of the site, doubles as a call to action, and is separate from the company’s main site, ensuring an easy to recall website.


Through a professional tone matching that of the real estate industry, .rent markets itself as an open namespace for real estate professionals to attract clients and grow their market share. Though .rent is marketed primarily to real estate businesses and property owners, it is also marketed generally to all businesses and individuals in the rental industry.

The official .rent website, www.Go.rent, features .rent end users that have created innovative sites using their .rent domain, and end users are highlighted and promoted often through the .rent social media channels. .rent’s social media also shares relevant real estate industry news and promotes premium .rent domains that are available to register.

Delegation and Availability

.rent was delegated to the Root Zone of the DNS on August 3, 2015 after completing the successful application for the string.

It entered general availability on 24 September 2015.


End Users

Due to the flexibility of the domain name itself and the wide focus of its marketing efforts, .rent has seen adoption across the real estate and rental industries. Property management companies branded on a .rent include AVA.rent (AVA Realty), Properties.rent (Florida Property Mangement, Inc.), BaliVilla.rent (Gita Segara Vacation Home) and more.

The simple call to action aspect of the .rent domain has led to its adoption by many rental service companies. These companies have taken advantage of the call to action by including their product or service in their domain name. Some examples of these type of adopters are; LaserTag.rent, Photobooth.rent, ScooterBarcelona.rent, Wrench4.rent, and NeedADumpster.rent.

As an industry specific domain, .rent has been utilized by rental and real estate focused apps and startups looking to establish their market in the rental industry. Startups using .rent include Sublet.rent, Guaranteed.rent, Patch.rent and Tidy.rent.

Premium Domains

Many premium .rent domains have been secured by owners who want an especially short or general domain name, including GPS.rent, QPS.rent, SAN.rent AFI.rent, BCN.rent, Event.rent, Car2.rent, Sound.rent, and more.

Global Adoption

.rent is offered in over 200 languages and has been adopted in 80 countries.

The domain has seen various use cases in all parts of the world including; HaraJuku.rent, a property management company in Japan, Tomsk.rent, a Russian company which rents a state-of-the-art office building, and Ibizaboat.rent, a charter boat rental company in Spain.