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TWNIC Big Logo.png
Type: Non-profit
Industry: ccTLD Registry
Founded: Taiwan, 1999
Headquarters: 3F., No. 123, Sec. 4, Bade Rd.,
Songshan Dist., Taipei 105 Taiwan
Country: Taiwan
Email: service [at]
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@twnic_ia
Key People
Kenny Huang, Chairman and CEO

The Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC) is a non-profit organization; it was officially funded by the Directorate General Telecommunications of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, and the Computer Society, on December 29, 1999.[1]

On September 22, 2017, the National Communications Commission has become the supervising authority of the TWNIC.

TWNIC provides the domain name registration service of .tw/.台灣, the IP address allocation service and operates the Taiwan Computer Emergency Response Team/Coordination Center (TWCERT/CC).

In 2007, ICANN and TWNIC hosted a meeting called "Toward the New Era of Internet", focusing on internationalized domain names, and Internet security key.[2] In 2010, TWNIC conducted a seminar on "Broadband Policy and Development" for the Taipei IT Month.[3]

Accredited Registrars

TWNIC has authorized the following registrars to sell its extensions:

  • TISNet Technology Inc.
  • Asia Pacific Telecom Co., Ltd.
  • Chunghwa Telecom Digital Branch
  • Net-Chinese Co., Ltd
  • PC Home Online
  • New Century InfoComm Tech Co., Ltd.
  • Taiwan Fixed Network
  • Neustar
  • IP Mirror
  • Gandi
  • PUMO Network Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Topnets Group Limited


  • March 1994 to June 1996- TWNIC was setup as 2 year experimental program.
  • June 1996 to April 1998- operation of the Taiwan Network Information Center came under the Computer Society.
  • April 1998 to December 1999- The NII decided that the Directorate-General of Telecommunication was responsible for TWNIC and it was finally registered on the 29th of December,1999. [4]
  • October 2019- The office relocated to 3F., No. 123, Sec. 4, Bade Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei 105, Taiwan

Committees and Departments

  • Domain Name Committee
  • IP Address and Protocol Committee
  • International Affairs Committee
  • Network Security Committee
  • Department of Domain Name Service
  • Department of Internet Resource Service
  • Department of International Affairs and Public Relations
  • Department of Technology
  • Department of Administration
  • Department of Cyber Security

Core Business

  • Domain Name Registration Service
    • English Domain Name Registration Service
    • Chinese Domain Name Registration Service
    • Internationalized Domain Name Registration Service
    • Domain Name Registry/Registrar Service
  • IP Address Allocation Service
  • Autonomous System Number Service
  • Operation of Taiwan Computer Emergency Response Team / Coordination Center (TWCERT/CC)

Results of the 2006 .tw Domain Name Use Survey

In 2006, TWNIC conducted a survey on the domain name use of .tw. The survey gives an insight into the trends in Taiwan[5] The subjects of the survey are companies, organizations and individuals using a,,,,,,, or domain.

  • 78% of those surveyed registered their domain names by themselves
  • 44.8% of those surveyed have used the service provided by registrars.
  • 66.4% of those surveyed were satisfied with the registration procedure, customer service and the registration service.
  • Email is the most popular service.

Results of the Taiwan Internet Report 2018

The estimated number of Internet users aged 12 and above reached 17.38 million people in 2018, and the estimated number of Internet users in the country has reached 18.66 million. The overall Internet access rate has reached 79.2%. The mobile Internet access rate has increased each year and exceeded 70% for the first time in 2018, while the wireless Internet access rate dropped by 15%. In terms of online services and applications, the usage rate of content media and social media are the highest for Internet users and both have exceeded 80% while the use of E-commerce has reached 60%. These are markets with more active online applications and growth. Although there are fewer applications and services in Taiwan, Internet users are familiar with the concepts of artificial intelligence and self-driving cars. This demonstrates a high level of market acceptability despite a lack of services provided.[6]