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DNS Belgium 2013.JPG
Type: Non-profit Organization
Industry: Domain Industry
Founded: 1999
Founder(s): ISPA Belgium
Headquarters: Ubicenter - Philipssite 5 bus 13

3000 Leuven

Country: Belgium
Website: www.dnsbelgium.be
Key People
Philip Du Bois, General Manager
TLDs: 2
Registrations: 14,565

More Info: nTLDStats

DNS Belgium is the not-for-profit organization that manages the registration of Belgium's .be ccTLD.[1] They are also registry for the .brussels and .vlaanderen gTLDs, which they announced in March 2012 after receiving 10 years of contracts from both the Flemish and Brussels governments to manage the operations of the proposed gTLD strings. Since September 2014 both .vlaanderen and .brussels are in a controlled launch process leading to general availability from 20th of January 2015.[2]

DNS Belgium facilitates cooperation between the nation's ISPs, dictates technical and regulatory details for registration.[1]


From 1989 to 1994, registration of .be domain names was originally performed by Pierre Verbaeten of the of the Computer Science department at the Catholic University of Leuven. During that time, there were only 129 domain names registered by Prof. Verbaeten; he then requested that registration responsibility be transferred to DNS Belgium, which was formed on February 2, 1999 by ISPA Belgium, Beltug and Agoria.[3]

DNS Belgium assumed the responsibility on January 1, 2000, under the request of Verbaeten.[4][3] In 2006, DNS Belgium confirmed its commitment and cooperation with ICANN to ensure the security, stability and interoperability of the Domain Name System (DNS).[5]

Throughout 2011 and 2012, DNS Belgium led a marketing campaign to try and convince Belgian professionals that having a website on a .be address is important.[6] In 2013, DNS Belgium executed a marketing campaign containing direct mail, radio and online bannering to promote the launch of IDN to the .be domain.

Company Organization

DNS Belgium is organized with a Board of Directors and a Strategic Committee., the Board is the major controlling entity and is made up of three members. The Strategic Committee is formed of representatives of the three founding organizations, effective members, and advisory members. Currently, there are 9 members in this committee.

In February, 2012, Peter Vergote, Legal & Corporate Affairs Manager at DNS Belgium, was elected as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors of CENTR, which is the umbrella organization for European ccTLD registries. He will serve through 2013.[7]


As the registry operator for the .be ccTLD, DNS Belgium is responsible for the following:[1]

  • Developing the registration rules & regulations, policies and procedures for the .be ccTLD
  • Organizing the quality assurance for domain name registration in Belgium
  • Maintaining all the required technical aspects related to the domain name registration
  • Establishing agreements with domain name registrars
  • Coordinating the domain registration at a national level
  • Representing the .be ccTLD within international regulatory bodies and working groups
  • Implementing the latest technology available for the domain name industry
  • Promoting standardization and cooperation among Internet Service Providers (ISPs)