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The Empowered Community is the mechanism that oversees the legal enforcement of the community powers of ICANN's Supporting Organizations (SOs) and Advisory Committees (ACs) under California law.

Accountability Actions

The Empowered Community has nine powers through which to hold ICANN accountable.[1] The community can:

  1. Reject ICANN and IANA budgets and operating and strategic plans
  2. Reject standard bylaw amendments
  3. Reject PTI governance actions
  4. Approve fundamental Bylaw and Articles amendments and asset sales
  5. Recall the entire ICANN Board
  6. Appoint and remove individual ICANN Board directors other than the President
  7. Require the ICANN Board to review its rejection of IANA Function Review (IFR), special IFR, Separation Cross-Community Working Group (SCCWG) creation, and SCWG recommendation decisions
  8. Initiate community reconsideration request, mediation, or Independent Review Process (IRP)
  9. call for an inspection or investigation


The Empowered Community Administration (ECA) is composed of:

ICANN Body Representative
ASO Oscar Robles
ccNSO Stephen Deerhake
GNSO Philippe Fouquart
ALAC Maureen Hilyard
GAC Manal Ismail

This group of designated representatives is charged with:

  • Receiving and sending notifications
  • Moderating conference calls and community forums
  • tallying the decisions of the Decisional Participants (the ICANN bodies that the designees represent)
  • mediating
  • Selecting potential mediators from Board- and ECA appointed candidates