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The ICANNWiki Translation Initiative is a long-term project to enhance global understanding of key concepts by providing content in Spanish and Chinese. ICANNWiki is partnering with organizations across Asia and South America to build standalone, interconnected wikis in these languages, with the goal of expanding into Arabic, French and Swahili by 2020. Providing content in languages other than English unites our community in a shared sense of understanding. Outside of simultaneous interpretation available at conferences, our initiative provides a service rarely seen within the Internet governance sphere: factual, unbiased content in multiple languages.

How to Start a Translation Initiative in Your Language

Establish interest within your community

  • Ensuring that your community is interested in learning and translating Internet governance content means translating can be sustainable and useful. When everyone is interested the project can be sustained for a longer period of time.
  • Bringing others on board means that one person alone will not be responsible for the success of the project

Determine group strengths

  • Check which skills your participants have: are they experts on a topic, but not the strongest when it comes to multilingualism? Consider pairing this person with someone with less subject knowledge and more translation know-how. Make sure that you create a constructive environment where communication is open and transparent.

Draft a short proposal

  • To understand the scope of your project, spend some time drafting a short proposal to outline its needs
  • Sample sections could include: Investigate the situation in detail how many articles do you wish to translate and in what time frame? Is there a need for a budget? What are some partner organizations that could help grow the project? How are you going to determine community interest? How will you rate participant engagement and satisfaction?

Contact ICANNWiki

  • Designate a point person for communication purposes and submit your proposal to staff@icannwiki.com
  • Our team will evaluate your proposal and contact you if we wish to move forward with your initiative
  • If the initiative moves forward, our team will set up a mailing list for communication and strategy purposes

Organize a webinar

  • Coordinate and communicate your decision, and take action with your group to determine a good time to hold a webinar where ICANNWiki can show how to add content to the site, answer any questions and provide a general overview of the organization's values and mission