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year Nontechnical events technical events consequential meetings key figures CEO & Chair of the Board Era focus why does it matter? reasoning? caveats? sources
1997 MoU Bob Parsons IAHC dawn of internet governance - -
Framework for Global Electronic Commerce Ira Magaziner
original DNSSEC released
1998 NSF ends direct role in Internet - Transition to Private (non-government sector) is complete -
ICANN is created Michael Roberts & Esther Dyson
first ICANN Board Meeting Esther Dyson
NTIA makes agreement with ICANN
Green Paper
White Paper
ICANN Bylaws include establishment of ASO, PSO, DNSO
1999 Shared Registry System goes into effect Ajay Data, Kathy Kleiman, Steven Metalitz, Rita Rodin Johnston, Michael Froomkin, J. Scott Evans, Esther Dyson, Christopher Wilkinson, Barbara Simon Michael Roberts & Esther Dyson ICANN testbed era:1999-____ ;the Ad Hoc era: 1999-2002; Vertical Separation Era: 1999-2008 ICANN tests the waters: first five test-bed registars to engage in competitive shared registry
DNSO is created as is the "Non-Commercial Domain Name Holders Constituency," the only non-business interest group in the DNSO ICANN 2 DNSO Directors: Amadeu Abril i Abril (Spain), Jonathan Cohen (Canada), Alejandro Pisanty (Mexico), NCDNHC: Milton Mueller, Kathy Kleiman DNSO asks can DNS handle a competitive marketplace [non-profits and NGOs begin contributing to policymaking
ASO is created APNIC, ARIN, and RIPE NCC join ASO, sign MoU ICANN 3 ASO Directors: Rob Blokzijl (Netherlands), Ken Fockler (Canada), Sang-Hyon Kyong (South Korea) formation of ASO indicates the beginning of global policymaking about IP address delegation
UDRP is approved ICANN 4
RSSAC is created ICANN 1
GAC is created ICANN 1
the Statement of Registrar Accreditation Policy is adopted
PSO is created PSO Directors: Helmut Schink (Germany), Vint Cerf (USA), Phil Davidson (U.K.)
year Nontechnical events technical events consequential meetings key figures CEO & Chair of the Board Era focus why does it matter? reasoning? caveats? sources
2000 IANA function contract signed between NTIA and ICANN Michael Roberts & Esther Dyson/Vint Cerf IANA Functions Contract Era: 2000-2016 - -
At-Large Membership elects five directors for the ICANN Board of Directors, one for each geographic region ICANN 6 At-Large Directors: Karl Auerbach (USA), Ivan Moura Campos (Brazil), Frank Fitzsimmons (USA), Masanobu Katoh (Japan), Hans Kraaijenbrink (Netherlands), Andy Mueller-Maguhn (Germany), Jun Murai (Japan), Nii Quaynor (Ghana), Linda Wilson (USA) ICANN Studienkreis 2001
First Round of New gTLD Expansion begins ICANN 5
2001 the birth of the Evolution & Reform Committee - Michael Roberts/Stuart Lynn & Vint Cerf - -
following 9/11, first ICANN AGM to focus entirely on the security and stability of the DNS ICANN 11
2002 First mention of ICANN's mission and core values make into the ICANN Bylaws ICANN 13, ICANN 14 Jaap Akkerhuis, Rita Rodin Johnston, Steve Crocker (2002-2010) Stuart Lynn & Vint Cerf ICANN (re)formation Era: 2002-2005 -
the Evolution and Reform Process, which also initates an overhaul of the structures and operations that comprise the ICANN community, organization, and board
SSAC formed
GNSO replaces DNSO
PDP formally established
the ICANN Board passes a resolution stating a strong position for the implementation of strict separation of registries and registrars for new gTLDs and prohibiting co-ownership
2003 first GAC correspondence tells nations and territories to reserve their names in .info TLD ICANN 15, ICANN 17 Peter Dengate Thrush, Mohamed Sharil Tarmizi, Hans Kraaijenbrink, Chris Disspain Stuart Lynn/Paul Twomey & Vint Cerf - -
first protocol for Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) by the Internet Engineering Task Force
The NRO is established to coordinate the world’s Regional Internet Registries (RIRs)
The ccNSO is created for and by ccTLD Managers.
NomCom is formed
ALAC, with interim members, is established
2004 first Ombudsman - - Frank Fowlie Paul Twomey & Vint Cerf -
2005 ICANNWiki is founded Raymond King Paul Twomey & Vint Cerf - -
AfriNIC joins ASO Tarek Kamel, Adiel Akplogan
The new DNSSEC edition, which is widely used today, is released
2006 Board directs staff to post a Notice of Intent to Advance Implementation New gTLD Process; - Elise Gerich, Jonathan Robinson Paul Twomey & Vint Cerf - second round of nTLDs ICANN Board Resolution - Notice of Intent to Advance Implementation of New gTLD Process, March 31, 2006
ICANN Board approves settlement agreements with Verisign over the SiteFinder litigation
2007 First Organizational Reviews - - - Paul Twomey & Vint Cerf/Peter Dengate Thrush Era of seemingly infinite reviews: 2007-2020 -
Fellowship Program begins
GAC begins providing ICANN with consensus advice on new TLDs
2008 First GNSO Organizational Review reveals need for significant changes - - Paul Twomey & Peter Dengate Thrush no GNSO consensus on vertical separation, Board transitions to integration acceptance: 2008-2010 - History of Vertical Separation
2009 call for First Accountability and Transparency Review ICANN 36 Paul Twomey/Rod Beckstrom & Peter Dengate Thrush Accountability and Transparency era: 2009-present?
IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process is ICANN Board approved and launched IDN Fast Track WG
"Scaling the root" study findings released: possible root zone growing pains due to: ICANN policy decisions concerning extensive DNSSEC deployment, IDNs, IPv6, and the sudden addition of many new TLDs Rod Beckstrom (2009-2012), Jaap Akkerhuis, Lyman Chapin, Patrik Fältström, Glenn Kowack, Lars-Johan Liman, Bill Manning ICANN preparing to grow: 2009-2012 Root Scaling Study Report
year Nontechnical events technical events consequential meetings key figures CEO & Chair of the Board Era focus why does it matter? reasoning? caveats? sources
2010 The GNSO and the GNSO Council changed, becoming bicameral, and each of its two houses also become bicameral; the overaching difference between the houses is now one of contract with ICANN - - - Rod Beckstrom & Peter Dengate Thrush - - GNSO Structure Archive, ICANN
ICANN Board holds special meeting to permit vertical integration
First Specific Reviews
The first IDN TLDs are delegated
2011 ICANN approves .xxx - ICANN 40, ICANN 41 Stuart Lawley, Heather Dryden Rod Beckstrom & Peter Dengate Thrush/Steve Crocker -
Foundation of NPOC
ICANN Board approves plan to significantly increase number of gTLDs
GAC corresponds with ICANN Board via "scorecards" shaping the Applicant Guidebook root zone scaling, and the handling of potentially objectionable TLD applications, before the New TLD Program was launched Board/GAC consultations on nTLDs
2012 Whois becomes a lightening rod - Tarek Kamel (2012-2019), Ram Mohan Rod Beckstrom/Akram Atallah/Fadi Chehadé & Steve Crocker Scaling the root: 2012-2017 About SAC055, Security Week
The New gTLD Program begins
a working group related to the European Commission sent a letter to ICANN warning that its proposed additions to the RAA would infringe on European Privacy laws Navigating Data Privacy:2012-present
2013 ICANN releases updated RAA to protect registrants and improve the reputation of the domain name industry - - - Fadi Chehadé & Steve Crocker most IDN TLDs are delegated: 2013-2018 - 2013 RAA, ICANN blog
2014 ICANN's office in L.A. is diminished and two new hubs for international constituents opened in Singapore and Istanbul ICANN 49 Sally Costerton Fadi Chehadé & Steve Crocker - -
IETF, IAB, RIRs, ccTLD ROs, ICANN, ISOC, and W3C welcome IANA Globalization Progress
Expansion of ICANN's Regional Stakeholder Engagement, Office of Global Engagement
NextGen@ICANN initiative started with NetMission Ambassadors
2015 ICANN establishes Global Support Centers; expansion of ICANN Language Services scope - Seda Akbulut, Tammy Yeow, Ajay Data, Abdalmonem Tharwat Galila, Maria Kolesnikova, Lilian Ivette De Luque Bruges Fadi Chehadé & Steve Crocker Digital Inclusion Era: 2015-present - -
The Universal Acceptance SG is founded
2016 First mention of "multistakeholder process" makes it into ICANN Bylaws due to the work of ICG and the CCWG-IG; Bertrand de la Chapelle Fadi Chehadé /Akram Atallah/[Göran Marby]] & Steve Crocker - 2016 ICANN Bylaws, Public Comment, April 21, 2016
Public Technical Identifiers is formed to oversee the operation of the IANA Functions
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is adopted;
the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network holds first global conference on "Legal Interoperability"
ICANN adopted new Bylaws that strengthen the Internet community's Accountability Mechanisms vis-à-vis ICANN org;
2017 Third Accountability and Transparency Review - - David Olive Göran Marby & Cherine Chalaby - -
IANA functions transition complete
last of New gTLDs delegated;
the Board approved the Information Transparency Initiative ICANN becomes public-facing: 2017-present (ITI, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, focus on web user experience across icann org and so/ac sites)
2018 GDPR becomes enforcable - - - Göran Marby & Cherine Chalaby
"Geographic Regions Review Working Group Recommendations Mapping Document is accepted by board, emphasizing the general principle of geographic diversity is valuable and should be preserved "
2019 planning the evolution of ICANN's Multistakeholder Model (MSM) begins - ICANN 64, ICANN 65 Brian Cute Göran Marby & Cherine Chalaby/Maarten Botterman Evolution of ICANN's MSM Era:2019-2025
year Nontechnical events technical events consequential meetings key figures CEO & Chair of the Board Era focus why does it matter? reasoning? caveats? sources
2020 Transfer Policy Review likelly to lead to fewer requirements for gaining and maybe losing parties, expedited by GDPR - Maarten Botterman - Efforts to streamline ICANN: 2020-present - -
ICANN announces that all gTLDs now deploy DNSSEC
ICANN Board approves suspending any further Whois/RDS Reviews
ICANN Board approves converting the org reviews into "continuous improvement" programs
delay specific reviews until the next ATRT
create a holistic review
Prioritization of ICANN's Work Project gets underway
2021 ICANN org released the new ITI search experience for over 38,000 pages and files on https://icann.org, focusing on making the following searchable and more easily accessible on mobile devices: Accredited Registrars, Acronyms and ICANN Terms, Announcements, Blogs, ICANN News Subscriptions, Registry Agreements and released a much more interactive Public Comment feature and a style guide for the SO/AC websites - - - Göran Marby & [[[Maarten Botterman]] ICANN becomes public-facing: 2018-present (ITI, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, focus on web user experience across icann org and so/ac sites) -
DNS Security Threat Mitigation Program is launched