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India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA) is the premier industry body committed to the development of the Indian Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) ecosystem. The IESA’s vision is to bring stakeholders from the Indian industry, government and academia on a common platform to work towards making the Indian ESDM sector globally competent. The member base of IESA represent a spectrum of Large Global Corporations to Large, SME and Start-ups from Domestic Technology companies in Intelligent Electronics space, including Academic Institutions and Venture Capital firms.

IESA’s vision is to bring Indian industry, governments and academia on a common platform and jointly work towards enhancing and promoting made-in-India products for world markets. IESA intends to be the ‘go to’ destination in Electronics and Semiconductor for Design & Manufacturing industry; be a trusted partner for Electronics and Semiconductor policy promotion for Government in the Country; be the Advisor for future skills development in the Country and be the Enabler for latest technology solution enhancing life & business while promoting technology based social innovations for the Society.

The primary objective of IESA is to act as a catalyst for the growth of the ESDM industry in India.

Create global awareness for the Indian semiconductor and electronic systems industry outside of the generic ‘IT’ umbrella. Create a win-win interaction among semiconductor and electronics product and services companies, government, academia, venture capitalists and industry bodies. Create an enabling ecosystem that catalyzes industry growth and leadership. Enhance operational efficiency. Foster active collaboration between industry and universities to further expand the available world-class semiconductor talent pool. Identify investment opportunities. Drive technology vision for the semiconductor and electronic systems industry. Promote trade and industry.

Top three trends as per ESDM

The internet of Things (IoT) – It’s an area which every player in the ESDM industry is excited about. IoT will be a key driver for growth and innovation in the semiconductor industry. Technology advancements, Infrastructure availability, high customer demand and supply push by semiconductor industry have enabled IoT growth. Telecom carriers are expecting huge growth opportunity in IoT, especially in in case of devices that require mobility such as ‘Connected Cars’. Global companies are investing in strategic partnerships with R&D service providers for experimenting with IoT product roadmap.

Shift towards mid/low range smartphones – Consumers today are moving towards cheaper smartphones without compromising on capabilities. This shift will lead to the need for innovating smarter and cheaper electronics.

Advancement and growth of the medical device industry –The medical electronic systems market is driven by growing demand for lower cost systems and the higher price tag of more sophisticated hospital equipment in developed country markets. The significant growth in lower cost wearable medical systems that wirelessly transmit a patient’s vital signs to doctors via cell phones or the Internet and fitness monitors that are used as activity trackers has led to a significant demand for smarter and more efficient semiconductors.