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The following articles are excellent examples of ICANNWiki's People articles, and why:

  • Alexander Kulik - This is an example of a great, short article. Not every article can be long, but the way this article uses a variety of sources, engages how the person is related to the ICANN community, and gives current and previous roles—all the while nicely formatted in logical sections—is exemplary.
  • Debi Rosati - This article is longer, and her career and accomplishments are well documented and nicely formatted into manageable sections. While she isn't extremely involved in ICANN, her relationship to ICANN is briefly mentioned and it is easy to understand her significance to the community through the rest of the article. Also note her "Important Roles" section, the heading title is more appropriate than "Career History" as it seems less formal and doesn't pretend to summarize her entire career. Also, the section is formatted from most recent to less recent, which is ideal.
  • Alberto Pérez Gómez - I like this article as it succinctly documents a regular attendee of ICANN meetings. I can imagine this page would be useful to anyone planning on meeting with Dr. Gomez at an ICANN event if they were previously unfamiliar with him. It quickly and accurately documents his decade-long career revolving around the world of ICANN. Again, it uses multiple references and good formatting to achieve this.
  • Sébastien Bachollet - This article is great because it handles this prolific ICANN constituent with ease. None of the sections are too big, there are separate sections for things that could potentially overlap (ISOC v. ICANN) Also, if you compare it to the bio source from ICANN's official site, I like to think we made huge formatting improvements. AGAIN! There is a source for each and every section, perfect! Furthermore, I like that his "Career History" section only introduces his initial work, and then relies on other more specific sections to fill out his more relevant and recent endeavors. A good example of how to format an extensive career with ICANN.
  • Chuck Kisselburg - This article is an important one to take note of. The individual has a variety of disparate experience, so it could potentially be a mess to format. However, the bulleted career section here is successful, its not too long and reads well. In general, the Career History/Previous Roles section should not be in complete sentences (as in the other examples), but this is a great example of an exception to the rule. Prior to getting into the potentially more messy background of the individual, the most relevant ICANN information (which is in this case) and their current work is highlighted. Good formatting for a difficult situation.
  • Michele Neylon - So... to be honest, I put quite a bit of work into this one; and the only thing that stands out as much different from all the work of our other writers (whose examples are found above), is some simple formatting decisions. I think the education and career history sections are clean, and stand apart from each other through the use of bold text in the education section. It's got a slightly busy intro section as it documents both his current work and his limited dealings with ICANN, but that's the information we're looking for in the intro and I think it works.

I hope this is helpful and provides a good resource for everyone to reflect on their writing/formatting styles. Let's all keep trying to do articles like these ones! Andrew