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Country: Belgium
Email: sebastien.pensis [at]
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Sebastien Pensis

Sebastien Pensis is an International Relations Support Manager at EURid since the beginning of January 2015, where he is responsible for .eu account management of UK and Overseas registrars. His responsibilities include conducting research into market trends to better understand the International Domain Name market ad providing support to registrars to ensure smooth implementation of EURid tools and services."[1][2]

Pensis has been involved with ICANN through ICANN's 2015 Middle East DNS Study, for which he conducted research and presented findings.[1]

He also has a great deal of experience in video production, which includes personal projects as well as a previous role with UNRIC, the United Nations Regional Information Centre, to help produce videos that strengthened UN equity in Brussels.[2]

Pensis holds a dual citizenship in Belgium and the USA, and has lived in Belgium, Germany, and the USA.[2]

ICANN 54 in Dublin was his first ICANN Meeting.[1]


Pensis holds a Master's Degree in European Studies, with a focus on Transatlantic Politics. His thesis focused on "emerging EU-US transatlantic trade agreement with the goal to identify critical issues and suggest solutions to ensure successful negotiations in commercial areas such as tariffs and regulatory barriers, along with non-commercial areas e.g. environmental legislation and consumer protection."[2]

He is fully bilingual in French and English, has professional fluency in Spanish, and some working knowledge of Italian and German.[2]


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