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Vivian Hua

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'''Vivian Hua''' is an Editor and Community Manager and Graphic Designer for [[ICANNWiki]]. She is also the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of REDEFINE magazine, as well as a freelance and print designer.<ref name="about">[ About REDEFINE magazine], Retrieved 25 December 2012.</ref><ref>[ In All Things, Patterns], Retrieved 25 December 2012.</ref>
==Career History==
===ICANNWiki (2012+)===
Hua joined the ICANNWiki team after an unexpected chain of events brought the opportunity into her life. Her interest in Law, travel, writing, and finding creative solutions made the position as Editor and Community Manager immediately appealing. She is responsible for all visual and marketing material for ICANNWiki, including its [[conference giveaways]].
===REDEFINE Media LLC (2004+)===

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