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Articles needed

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'''Here's an incomplete list of article that need (y)our help!'''
==Community Suggestions==
* Please add your suggestions here!
==Pages to be created/cleaned up + edited==
===To Create===
====ICANN Related====
* ICANN Contractual Compliance Escalation Process
* Terminated Registry AgreementsUpdate post-elections ([[GNSO]] has been updated; what else?)* [[ICANN]] page needs more info under "structure" re: NomCom, ALAC, GAC (..) & how the SO's report back and are hierarchically structured.* [[GAC Advice]] - and applicants receiving it - [ here]* Create Pages for past ICANN conferences ====New gTLDs | Registries | Registrars====
* RPMs and Addendum to RPMs (new gTLDs)
* [[Registry Agreement]], [ this], [ To] [[RySG]], [ etc] [[Registry Agreement]], [ reaction], [ good summary], [ new], [ update from Beijing]
* New gTLD Phases
* [[IoT]] (Internet of Things)* <s>There should be a page explaining</s>* Create page for [[Sebastian Brun]] of [[United Domains]] (ask Andrew)* <s>[[.ml]]}}, <nowiki>{{</nowiki>[[.cf]]<nowiki>}}</nowiki></s>* [[CTAG]] - [ this]* [[fTLD Terminated Registry Services]]Agreements* [ For] [[Uniregsitrar]]* [[EBERO]] (Emergency Backend gTLD Registry Operator), [ this], other research* [[Domain Name Parking]]. See Monitoring* [[Registry Agreement]], [ this], [ To] [[RySG]], [ etc] [[Terminated Registry Agreement]], [ reaction], [ good summary], [ new], [ update from Beijing]* [ Update] to [[Whois]] and [[ARDS]]* [[NGPC]]* [[.tel]]* [[Domain hack]] like [ this]* [[.组织机构]] PIR application* [[Internet]]Agreements
* [[Registrant]]
* [[PSL]]* [[GI2L]]-- i can't find any information about this anywhere online? - v
* Table page of Sunrise and landrush periods like [ this]
* <s>[[DRSP]] or [[Dispute Resolution Service Provider]]</s> Completed 13 Dec 2013 --[[User:Jonah|Jonah]] ([[User talk:Jonah|talk]]) 13:06, 13 December 2013 (PST)
* [[Priority Number]]
===To Update===
* [], add example of Universal Acceptance Outreach letter to Website Administrator (to be taken from UA Steering Workgroup, different languages)
* [ this], create section on "DNS Services" (avoid marketing feel/spin)
* Consolidate info on [[EmployMedia]]'s new tld apps (ask Ray for details)
* [ this], other research for new section on IGOs on [[GAC]] page
* [ this], [[GAC]], [[New gTLD]] create section on "Plural gTLD Applications"
* [ this] to [[Verisign]], [[New gTLD]]; [ Further Update]
* Update post-elections ([[GNSO]]), etc.
* [ To] [[.biz]], [[.info]] (possibly [[Neustar]] & [[Afilias]]) & also create section focused on biz/info on the [[RAA]] article.
* [[New gTLD Program]], [[GAC]], [ this], [ this] (also to [[gTLD]]), [ this]
* [ To] relevant TLD pages
* [ To] [[ICC]], [[Community TLD]]
* [ To] [[TMC]] and [[GNSO]]
* [ to] all relevant pages
* update all elections and SO and ACs; [ example]
* [ This] to [[New gTLD Program]] or [[Trademark Clearinghouse]]
* Update all gTLD apps that have signed [[RA]]s [ this]
* Update closed string apps from [[Amazon]] and [[Google]] with [ this]
* To [[.通販]], update with [ this]
* [ This] and [ this] to respective applications. First new gTLDs delegated to the root - add [ this] and [ this]
* [[.uk]]
* [[.ca]]
* [] Brazil calling for change in internet laws
* Add more content and actual outcomes to [[Community Objection]] - [[String Confusion Objection]]
* To [[IPOWithdrawn Applications]] or [[Trademark Clearinghouse]], [[ Lets make this]]* [ This] to [[Trademark Clearinghouse]]* [ this] to [[ICANN Fellow]]category page* [[UniregistryApplication Objections]]* [ This] to [[ICANN 49Community TLD]]* [ THis] to [[Paul MockapetrisTrademark Clearinghouse]]* 2 Dec 2014: [[ICANNShared Registration System]] and [[new_gTLD]] with - [ this]* KB updated all new GTLDs August through december 2nd 2014, need to do mid June to end July; go over all .xn GTLDs; check for sunrise and landrush, website for that is http:domains/registration/ here]
===Major Update=People====* [ these links[Kathryn Brown]] Implement all Objection status, President ISOC
==Random Edits==Miscellaneous==== * Facebook [[Free Basics]] - needs updating* [[Net Neutrality]] needs updating ah* [[Internet of Things]] article created, but could use some more updating* [ Update] to [[Whois]] and [[ARDS]]* [[Internet]]* page for all of the "generic company ending" type apps, like [[.inc]], [[.llc]], [[.gmbh]], [[.corp]], [[.llp]], [[.group]], [[.ltd]], [[.enterprises]], [[.foundation]], [[.solutions]] and any others we can think of* Work on most [[Special:WantedPages|Wanted Pages]]* [[IPv4 Exhaustion]]* [[Internet in Cuba]]* [[IEEE Globecom]] - Conference - [ here]* [[cloud computing]]* [[CITEL]]* [[Internet Fragmentation]]* [[The Right to Be Forgotten]]* [[Internet in Iran]]* [[Iran Proxy]]* [[Interplanetary Internet]] - article created, but could use some more updating* [[Dark Web]]* [[Encryption]]* [[IXP]] (needs update) ==Other Site To-Dos==
* Create form letter (answerable) to registries about their TLD
* Create criteria for TLD registrations (easy, moderate, difficult)
* Work on [[Books]] and ICANN related [[Sites|sites]] of interest
* Drafting team, work team, working group, etc differentiation, possibly on the [[PDP]] page?
* [[ICANN]] page needs more info under "structure" re: NomCom, ALAC, GAC (..) & how the SO's report back and are hierarchically structured.
* Fix up [[FF]], [[FFWG]]
* [[ADR]], [[DRP]], [[UDRP]], [[TDRP]], [[PDDRP]]
* [[TCP/IP]], [[TCP]], [[IP]]
* [[Alternative Root Server]] rewrite.
* Work on most [[Special:WantedPages|Wanted Pages]]
* [[ENRED]]
* [[Alantron]] - [ this]
* [[.ga]], [ this]
* [[ICANN Academy]], [ see here]
* Create pages for ALL domain extensions (gTLDs and ccTLDs, categorize them as such) (vWorker Project?)
* Create Pages for past ICANN conferences
* Edit [ Pulasthi]'s old articles
* Changing over URLs so that they are SEO-friendly, such as [[Working Groups]] instead of [[WG]]
* For some of the larger portfolio players it would be nice to see which ones are uncontested and which ones contested
* Update [[Playing Cards]] page to include [[Toronto Playing Card Deck |Toronto]] and Beijing Deck
* [ To] [[RA]]
[[Template:UBX-GNSO-C]], [[Template:UBX-NEWGTLD]], [[Template:UBX-ASO-C]], [[Template:UBX-NTAG-C]], [[Template:UBX-NTAG-P]], [[Template:UBX-ALAC-C]]
* Sponsor collapsibility in left-hand menu [ info here]
* URL Shortening: [ Yourls], [ Lifehacker article]
* Add LinkedIn to sidebar under Follow Us
* possible useful extension to globally replace text []
==gTLD Coverage Pages==
Articles ready for sponsorship:
* [[Batching]]
* [[GeoTLD]]
* [[Independent Objector]]
* [[PIC]]
* [[Trademark Clearinghouse]]
* [[String Similarity Panel]]
* [[Financial Evaluation Panel]]
* [[Technical Evaluation Panel]]
* [[Geographic Names Panel]]
* [[DNS Stability Panel]]
Articles to Create:
* [[GAC Advice]] - and applicants receiving it
* [[Withdrawn Applications]] - Lets make this a category page
* [[Application Objections]]
* page for all of the "generic company ending" type apps, like [[.inc]], [[.llc]], [[.gmbh]], [[.corp]], [[.llp]], [[.group]], [[.ltd]], [[.enterprises]], [[.foundation]], [[.solutions]] and any others we can think of
== Conferences ==
===Past Conference Coordination===
* [[ICANN 40 / San Francisco - Coordination Page]]
* [[ICANN 41 / Singapore - Coordination Page]]
* [[ICANN 42 / Senegal - Coordination Page]]
* [[ICANN 43 / San Jose - Coordination Page]]
* [ ICANN 44 / Prague - Coordination Page]
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