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GMO Registry

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==Services<ref name=":0">[ GMO Registry]</ref>==
* ''' TLD (Top Level Domain) Registry Operations and Management'''
Management, operation and sales of TLDs for which GMO Registry is the Registry Operator; [[.shop]], .tokyo, [[.nagoya]], [[.yokohama]]
* '''TLD Backend Registry Services and Support Services'''
Registry Service Provider. TLD management and operations.
* '''Specialized TLD Backend Registry Services and Support Services for Brand TLDs'''
Management and operation of TLDs representing global brands including [[.canon]], [[.hitachi]], [[.toshiba]]
* '''ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) Operations and Support'''
Management, operation and support for ccTLDs including Indonesia ccTLD, [[.id]]
== History<ref name=":0" /> ==
{| class="wikitable"
|July 2009
|[[GMO Registry, Inc. ]] is founded.
|April 2010

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