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All New gTLD Applications

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|note = The following page is editorially neutral; but is [[Sponsorship|sponsored]] by [[Afilias]], the registry for the [[.info]], [[.mobi]] and [[.pro]] [[TLD]]s as well as the registry services provider for an additional 14 TLDs, such as [[.org]]. Afilias is involved in 305 applications for new TLDs, both on behalf of its clients and itself. [ Learn More Here.]
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<center><big><b>[[New gTLD Geographic Applications|Geographic Applications]] &#151; [[New gTLD Brand Applications|Brand Applications]] &#151; [[New gTLD Generic Applications| Generic Applications]] &#151; [[New gTLD IDN Applications|IDN Applications]] &#151; [[All New gTLD Applications|All New gTLD Applications]]</b></big>
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