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Noha Fathy

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'''Noha Fathy''' works is an Independent Internet Governance consultant. She is currently leading a project, which maps and assesses Internet legislation, for [ Hivos’ Internet Governance for MENA programme]. Prioir to this Noha worked as a Web Content Editor Communication and Advocacy Officer for IGMENA where she contributed to designing and implementing activities endeavoured to raise the awareness of Arab netizens and engage them on internet governance-related sites for the Middle East IG process, including capacity building, community dialogues and digital rights campaign. Her work in IG began during her tenure at the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and North AfricaInformation Technology where she worked on a programme with the mandate of empowering youth through ICT.<ref name="icannwiki">ICANNWiki - ICANN 48 Intake FormWithin this programme, November 2013</ref>  she contributed to building the capacity of youth and teenagers on IG related issues. She is a member an alumna of DiploFoundation, an [[ISOCICANN fellow]]'s Egypt Chapter, and was is also a first-time [[member in ICANN Fellow]] at [[ICANN 48]] Task Force on the Arabic Internationalized Domain Names. Noha has a master degree in Buenos Aires, her first conferencegovernance and politics from the University of Manchester and bachelor of political science from Cairo University.<ref name="icannwiki"></ref> 
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