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Clement Genty

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'''Clement Genty''' is a French PhD Candidate at Arts & Metiers ParisTech in industrial engineering and lecturer at the University of Angers. His research focuses on the financial and extrafinancial valuation of [[Domain Name|domain names]]. Genty holds an engineering degree, and is particularly interested in the technical function of the domain nameand its [[Domain Name Valuation|value]].  At ICANN58, he suggested the creation of new [[TLD]] based on the unused .FX [[Country code top-level domain|ccTLD]] to create a trusted space<ref></ref>. During the Public Forum, he asked for a better understanding of the Domain Name System, citing his mother who doesn't understand anything. At the end of its answer, [[Göran Marby]], CEO of ICANN added "''Good luck with your mother and explaining it. My mother is 85 and she never figured out what I do or why''"<ref></ref>. In 2017, he made a proposal to resume French possession of Julia Island, an island located at the south of Italia, by creating an economy linked to a dedicated ccTLD, which he named .JU<ref></ref>.
Member of [[EURALO]], he was an unsuccessful candidate for the election at the board of 2017-2019<ref></ref>. Its Expression Of Interest<ref></ref> expressed the will to create the first French School of Internet of Governance, ''École Française de la Gouvernance de l'Internet''<ref></ref>, expected to start by 2018.
At the French version of the ''Three Minutes Thesis'' competition, named ''My Thèse en 180 secondes'', he explained the [[Domaining|Domain Name Industry]] from the point of view of the ccTLD economy and suggested the creation of a [[New gTLD]], the .FRANCE to recreate trust over the [[Domain Name System]].
== Career History ==

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