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Regis Masse

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{{People |portrait = RegisMassePortrait.jpg|caricature = RegisMasseCaricature.jpg|affiliation= Afnic|born = France|country = France|email = regis.masse[at]|website =|twitter = |facebook = |linkedin = [égis-massé/6a/539/a98 Regis Masse]|userbox portrait=RegisMassePortrait.jpg|caricature=RegisMasseCaricature.jpg|born= France}}  
Since 2014,, '''Régis Massé''' has been the Chief Technical Officer of [[AFNIC]], the registry which manages the [[.fr]] [[ccTLD]] and 14 new gTLDs (4 GeoTLDs like .paris, .bzh, .alsace, .corsica and 10 brand TLDs). He originally joined the company in IT Manager<ref name="linkedin">[égis-massé/6a/539/a98 Regis Masse,] Retrieved 2015 July 7.</ref>

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