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Jean Guillon

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{{People |portrait = Jean_Guillon.JPG‎|caricature = Jean_Guillon-Caricature.jpg|affiliation= Consultancy|born = |country = France|email =|website = [ Jovenet Consulting]|twitter = jeanguillon|facebook = |linkedin = [ Jean Guillon]|twitter=jeanguillon|portrait=Jean_Guillon.JPG‎|caricature=Jean_Guillon-Caricature.jpg
'''Jean Guillon''' is an independent Consultant in the domain name industry. He calls himself a [[New gTLD Program|new gTLD]] Evangelist and provides marketing advice to entities who are interested in applying for new generic top level domain names ([[gTLD]]s), as well as identifying and connecting with proper investors. He is also a writer/contributor of [ CircleID], a website dedicated in providing information about the internet infrastructure and domain name industry. Jean contributes to the French [ "Journal Du Net"], a website about tomorrow's Internet economy.

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