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Jennie-Marie Larsen

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|portrait = Jennie-MarieLarsenPortrait.JPG|caricature = Jennie-MarieL.jpg|born = November 12, 1975|country = France|email = jm [at]|website =|blog = |twitter = JMLarsenFR|facebook = [ Jennie-Marie Larsen]|linkedin = [ Jennie-Marie Larsen]|twitter=JMLarsenFR|userbox = {{Template:UBX-CARD49}}|portrait=Jennie-MarieLarsenPortrait.JPG|caricature=Jennie-MarieL.jpg|born=November 12, 1975
'''Jennie-Marie Larsen''' is the CEO of [[DomainDiction]], a company she founded in March 2012.<ref>[[ICANN 45]] Interview</ref>
DomainDiction is a marketing consultancy, solely dedicated to [[TLD|Top Level Domains]]. They specialize in delivering critically effective marketing and usage programs for existing and new TLDs. Services include Digital Marketing, [[SEO]], Social Media Mgmt, Channel & Affiliate Marketing, Public Relations, and content creation. Content ranges from websites, media messaging playbooks, to viral material for social media.

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