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Marc Van Wesemael

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|portrait = MarcVanWesemaelPortrait.jpg|caricature = CaricatureComing.jpg|born =|country = Belgium|email = domain-admin[at]|website = [ EURid]|blog = |twitter = |facebook = |linkedin = [ Marc Van Wesemael]|portrait=MarcVanWesemaelPortrait.jpg|caricature=CaricatureComing.jpg
'''Marc Van Wesemael''' is the CEO of [[EURid]], the [[TLD]] operator for [[.eu]]. He has expressed optimism about [[.eu]] and looks forward to its great success with [[IDN]]s, although he is concerned that IDN implementation might be tricky, as there would be a lot of chances for misconception in alphabets of similar laguages.<ref>[ V3]</ref>

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