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Vicky Folens

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|portrait = VickyFolensPortrait.jpg|caricature = VickyFolensCaricature.jpg|affiliation= Deloitte|born = Belgium|country = Belgium|email = vfolens [at]|website = |twitter = |facebook = |linkedin = [ Vicky Folens, LinkedIn|portrait=VickyFolensPortrait.jpg|]jpg|userbox born= Belgium
'''Vicky Folens''' has been a Senior Manager at [[Deloitte]] since June 2013 and is responsible for implementing the [[Trademark Clearinghouse]]. Through this position, she protects IP on the internet, drafts contract negotiations, and leads an IP team. She has been with Deloiette since June 2011, previously as a Manager of Intellectual Property and Data Protection.<ref name="linkedin">[, Vicky Folens],</ref> He has over ten years of experience in leadership roles, and with establishing and developing ethics and compliance programs with organizations such as Abbott Laboratories in Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rico Health Insurance Administration.<ref name="linkedin"></ref>

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