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Security and Stability Advisory Committee

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During the ICANN meeting from November 2001, the ICANN Board asked the Board President to assign a President for "security and stability of the Internet's naming and address allocation system" which has the responsibility to create a in-depth analysis of the risks and threats. In May 13 year 2002 the President of the committee for security and stability was converted to the President of the Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC).<ref>[ SSAC history]</ref>
There are currently 35 37 members of SSAC<ref>[ members]</ref>, with [[Patrik FaltstromRod Rasmussen]] as the Chair. Others include:<ref> List of SSAC Membership as of Oct 2013</ref>
* [[Greg Aaron]]
* [[Lyman Chapin]]
* [[KC Claffy]]
* [[Steve Crocker]]
* [[Jay Daley]]
* [[Andrew de la Haije]]
* [[Geoff Huston]]
* [[Merike Kaeo]]
* Andrei Kolesnikov
* [[Mark Kosters]]
* [[Warren Kumari]]
* [[Jacques Latour]]
* [[Xiaodong Lee]]
* Barry Leiba
* [[John R. Levine]]
* [[Carlos Martinez Cagnazzo]]
* [[Russ Mundy]]
* [[Rod Rasmussen]]
* Chris Roosenraad
* [[Mark Seiden]]
* [[Doron Shikmoni]]
== SSAC Support Staff ==
Support for the committee is provided by:
* [[Julie Hedlund]], Director, <abbr>SSAC</abbr> Support
* [[Andrew McConachie]], Technical and Policy Specialist
* [[Kathy Schnitt]], Secretariat Operations Coordinator for <abbr>RSSAC</abbr> and <abbr>SSAC</abbr>

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