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Clement Genty

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* PhD Candidate in industrial Engineering at Arts & Metiers ParisTech<ref></ref><ref></ref>
* Listener of the first International Session of Security-Justice, organised by the INHESJ at the EHESP<ref>;jsessionid=72C9AF1F37F3B427F124F628E5FE2C5A80CA0E6E872116B6616DE75D72DE3FBE.tplgfr41s_1tplgfr35s_3?cidTexte=JORFTEXT000036682027JORFTEXT000036758008&dateTexte=&oldAction=rechJO&categorieLien=id&idJO=JORFCONT000036681426JORFCONT000036757756</ref>
* Engineer Degree in industrial Engineering at IstiA Innovation
* IDEX-INT HESAM Université Grant - Field research in Cote d'Ivoire to see the management of the [[.ci|.CI]] [[Country code top-level domain|ccTLD]] <ref></ref><ref></ref>
* NextGen Ambassador Program ([[ICANN 62]])
* [[NextGen at ICANN|NextGen]] Program ([[ICANN 58]])
* Best Paper Award<ref name=":0" />
* Debayle Grant

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