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{{ICANNMeetings|| logo = | dates = April 3, 2016| location = Buenos Aires, Argentina| website = [ Registration Operations]| venue = Hilton Hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina| registration = [ Register Here]| keyappointments = | historicalimport = }} The '''Registration Operations Workshop''' (ROW) is an informal industry conference that would provide a forum for discussion of the technical aspects of registration operations in the domain name system.<ref>[ FAQ from ROW website]</ref> ==ROW #4==It will be held April 3rd, 2017 at the Hilton Hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina during [[IETF]] 95<ref>[ ROW #4 Summary]</ref>. ==ROW #3==It was held July 19th, 2015 at the Hilton Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic<ref>[ ROW #3 Summary]</ref>. The meeting was held during [[IETF]] 93. ===Speakers===[[Andrew Newton]], [[Gustavo Lozano]], [[Scott Hollenbeck]], [[Audric Schiltknecht]], [[Frederico Neves]], [[Weiping Yang]], [[Jaromir Talir]] and [[Johan Heylen]] ==ROW #2==It was held March 22nd, 2015 at the Fairmont Dallas Hotel, Dallas, Texas, USA<ref>[ ROW #2 Summary]</ref>===Speakers===[[Scott Hollenbeck]], [[Jacques Latour]], [[Ning Kong]], [[Gavin Brown]], [[Keith Gaughan]], [[Olafur Gudmundsson]], [[Jim Gould]] and [[Richard Barnes]] ==ROA #1==It was held October 16th, 2014 at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles, California, USA<ref>[ Official website?event=roa-1-archive ROA #1 Summary]</ref>. The meeting took place during [[ICANN 51]]. Back then ROW was still named ROA (Registration Operations Association)<ref>[ Article from Scott Hollenbeck at Verisign Blog]</ref>. ===Sessions=== # Registration Operations Association Workshop – [[Scott Hollenbeck]], [[Verisign]]# EPP from a Registrar’s Perspective – [[Thomas Stocking]], [[]]# Challenges from a Registrar’s Perspective – [[Tobias Sattler]], [[United Domains]] and [[Peter Larsen]], [[Larsen Data ApS]]# Registration Operations, a Technologist’s Perspective – [[Jim Gould]], Verisign# Management Proposal for the Registration Operations Association – [[Paul Hoffman]], [[Levine and Hoffman]]# Thoughts on the Idea of a ROA – [[Thomas Rickert]], [[ECO]]# The Fast Path to Collaboration for ROA – [[Adam Newman]], [[IEEE-ISTO]] ==References=={{reflist}} [[Category:Conferences]]

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