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Farzaneh Badii

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She holds a PhD from Hamburg University, Germany.<ref name="icannwiki">ICANNWiki - ICANN 54 Intake Form, Oct 2015</ref>
- An interesting story: Many have asked me why I spell my name differently in different places: Badii v. Badiei. When I was 15 I had set up most of my online nicknames and IDs and email addresses as Badii, how I like my family name to be spelled. But since Farsi script is different from latin I did not have an official family name written in latin until I got my passport and despite having clearly written how I wanted Badii to be spelled, the officials disagreed with me! So now I have my family name written differently in my passport and most of my online nicknames are spelled the way I want it, except the ones that have to be official. That's nation states for you! Some officer ... changed my name ... forever!

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