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Alexander Schwertner

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|portrait = AlexanderSchwertnerPortrait.JPG|caricature = AlexanderS.jpg|affiliation= Tucows|born =Germany|country = GermanyCanada|email = aschwertner [at]|website =[]|blog twitter = alexbythelake|twitter facebook = epagnews|[https://www.facebook = .com/alexschwertner alexschwertner]|linkedin = [ Alexander Schwertner]|userbox = {{Template:UBX-RRSG-C}} {{Template:UBX-ICANNREG}} {{UBX-CARD51}}
'''Alexander Schwertner''' is the Director of [[ccTLD]]s at [[Tucows]]. He is also the Managing Director of [[EPAG Domain Services]], which Tucows acquired in 2011. He joined EPAG in 2004.<ref name="linkedin">[ Alexander Schwertner, Updated 2015 June 8.]</ref>
Alexander is a member of the [[Registrar Stakeholder Group]] <ref>[[ICANN 45]] Interview. ICANNWiki. Retrieved 2012 October 25.</ref> and a Supervising Board Member of [[DENIC]].<ref>[[ICANN 45]] Interviewhttps://www.denic. ICANNWikide/en/whats-new/press-releases/article/denic-general-assembly-changes-to-the-supervisory-board-and-the-honorary-members-of-the-executive-b/ DENIC Press Release 28. Retrieved 2012 October 2504.2016]</ref>.

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