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Jackie Treiber

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'''Jackie Treiber''' is the was a Co-Executive Director of [[Special:MyLanguage/ICANNWiki|ICANNWiki]], she has held this position since from February, 2015to August, 2018. She is based in PortlandSpokane, OregonWashington.
In addition to her work with ICANNWiki, Treiber attends attended the [[Special:MyLanguage/IGF|IGF]], where she has spoken spoke on panels related to improving multilingual content on the Internet (2016) as well as the subjective experiences of gender and access to the Internet (2017).
She is also a visual artist and writer.
===ICANNWIki (2015+)===
As the Co-Executive Director of [[Special:MyLanguage/ICANNWiki|ICANNWiki]], Jackie works worked closely with [[Special:MyLanguage/Dustin Phillips|Dustin Phillips]], fellow graphic designer and editor, [[Special:MyLanguage/Vivian Hua|Vivian Hua]] as well as site director [[Special:MyLanguage/Raymond King|Raymond King]] to create and edit content for the site. She also attends attended all ICANN meetings in order to maintain and strengthen relationships with ICANN community members and bolster contributions to [[Special:MyLanguage/ICANNWiki|ICANNWiki]] site via outreach events such as the [[Special:MyLanguage/Edit-a-thon|ICANNWiki Edit-a-thon]] and [[Special:MyLanguage/ ICANNWiki Ambassador Program| ICANNWiki Ambassador Program]].

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