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{{TLD||logo =
|status = Pre-Delegation Testing (PDT)
|manager =Nicolas Caumette
|country =
|language =
'''.cam''' is a new [[gTLD|generic top level domain name]] applied for in [[ICANN]]'s [[New gTLD Program]].
==Current ApplicantsApplicant==The three applicants are:<ref>[ Reveal Day 13 June 2012 – New gTLD Applied-For Strings]</ref># [[Demand Media]] (United TLD|United TLD Holdco Ltd.), The company applied for 26 gTLDs including .cam.<ref>[ United TLD]</ref> This applicant submitted a [[PIC|Public Interest Commitment]], which can be downloaded [ here].# [[Famous Four Media]] (dot Agency Limited), [[Geir Rasmussen]] is the contact person for the application. The company submitted applications for 61 new gTLDs. <ref>[ Famous Four Media Applies For 61 Generic TLD’s...]</ref># [[AC Webconnecting Holding B.V.]]- The contact person in the application is [[Mike Rodenbaugh]]. The company filed for a European trademark for .cam on December 12, 2012.<ref>[ Legal Force TRADEMARKIA- .cam]</ref>. The contact for Registrars is [[Nicolas Caumette]]
==String Confusion Objection==
Initially, they were 3 applicants : [[Demand Media]] (United TLD|United TLD Holdco Ltd.), [[Famous Four Media]] (dot Agency Limited) and [[AC Webconnecting Holding B.V.]].[[Verisign]] submitted a separate [[String Confusion Objection]] to the [[ICDR]] against each of the applicants for .cam, on the basis that Internet users would confuse the string with the popular [[.com]] string. In two of the three objections submitted, the panelist assigned to the case ruled in favor of the applicant, meaning the objection was dismissed. However, [[Verisign]] prevailed in the objection against [[Demand Media]]'s application. This created a controversial scenario, one that [[ICANN]] did not appear to have a premeditated solution for. [[Demand Media]] called for [[ICANN]] to review its objections policy in order to resolve the issue.<ref>[ String Confusion in Disarray, Domain Incite] Retrieved 25 Sept 2013</ref>

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