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Learn Internet Governance

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Reports and Research papers
|issue areas= Youth Awarness, Privacy, Access, Inclusiveness, Capacity Development, Gender Equality, Technical Standards
|Logo=[[File:Learn IGLearn_IG.jpg|thumb|Learn IG logo]]
|type=Internet Organization
|industry=Youth Leadership | Awareness and Capactiy building
*Toolkit for Multistakeholder Practise and MSG Formation<ref></ref>
*ICANN New Fellow ToolKit<ref></ref>
*Online| Offline VAW Toolkit<ref></ref>
===Reports and Research papers ===
* Report on Criminalization of FoE in Social Media<ref></ref>
* Artificial Intelligence Survey 2018<ref></ref>
* Internet Development Report of Asia-Pacific 2016- Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and Their Challenges <ref></ref>
*Report on Online Women Violence and Awareness of Social Media APrIGF 2016<ref>Violence and Awareness of Social Media APrIGF 2016</ref>
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