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Sandeep Ramchandani

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'''Sandeep Ramchandani''' is the Director of Strategic Partnerships Vice President and Business Head at [[Directi|The Directi Group]], a position he has held since 2004.<ref>[[ICANN 41]] Interview</ref> Prior to this position, he was the Relationship Manager at [[Directi]]. In 2003,<ref>[ Dubai Yellow Pages]</ref> Sandeep co-founded [[Linklabs]] Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd, a boutique web design and hosting company based in Mumbai.<ref>[ Team LogicBoxes]</ref> He studied at Jai Hind College and University of Mumbai.<ref>[ LinkedIn]</ref><ref>[ Facebook]</ref>
Mr. Ramchandani is a regular attendee of [[ICANN]] Meetings.<ref>[[ICANN 41]] Interview</ref>

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