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Clement Genty

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Nameshield (2014-2018)
=== Nameshield (2014-2018) ===
Worked as a research engineer for the French registrar [[Nameshield]]. Within Nameshield, Genty was interested in naming strategies, this French registrar being specialized in B2B. He has published articles on the valuation of domain names, on naming evolutions and has proposed<ref></ref> the Iceberg matrix, considering that a domain name has an emerged part, its semantics, and an immersed part, which he calls criticality (links, traffic, SEO,...). He has published nearly forty articles on the company's blog, in English<ref></ref> and in French<ref></ref>. During his work, Genty passed a drone pilot license to show<ref></ref> that it was easy to own a domain name in [[.AERO]].
=== AmCham Tajikistan (2013) ===

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