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Mentor Ida Ng'ang'a is the former Chairman, Membership & Outreach for Kenya, for the Internet Society. She was elected in September 2016, the first woman to hold this position. She is currently Africa Code Ambassador for the ACW Africa Code Week Program by UNESCO/SAP and Cape Town Science Centre. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and has vowed to make internet opportunities, digital learning, computer programming and mobile application development skills accessible to as many youth and women as possible. She is the Founder of Fem-Hub Africa, a centre of excellence for women’s innovations.
[[File:Supporting Women & Youth Entrepreneurs to Go Tech.png|thumb]]
She is also the Founder of the Global Network of Young Women Leaders which has members in over 70 countries and Co-Chair - Women in STEM and Africa Gender Taskforce. She is on the UN Women Young Women's Leadership Taskforce and Youth4Gender team led by Ravi Karkara based in New York, as well as Women@Facebook Roundtable. She was recognized by Mara Foundation and the United Nations on International Women's Day (Prolific Woman, 2015) for mentoring in Africa.
She is the winner of the African Leadership Top Award 'Outstanding Mentor' 2016, Internet Society African Fellow 2017, African Internet of Things Innovator 2018, amongst other recognitions.
(RCD Africa)
'''Interest areas''':  ICT Regulation, Policy Development, Internet Governance, Youth, Gender Diversity & Digital Inclusion, IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Block chain Chain Technology

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