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Matthias Markus Hudobnik

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ICANN and Internet Governance Participation
* In October 2018, he participated as [[ICANN Fellow]]<ref></ref> in [[ICANN 63]] in Barcelona and as [[RIPE NCC]] Fellow<ref></ref> in [[RIPE]] 77 as well as in [[RIPE NCC|RIPE NCC's]] Quantum [[Internet]] Hackathon<ref></ref> in Amsterdam.
* In May 2019, he Hudobnik was selected to represent [[EURALO]] as [[ICANN]] funded candidate to attend [[SeeDIG]] in Bucharest. Moreover, Hudobnik he has been nominated to serve as one of the three [[At-Large Advisory Committee]] members of [[EURALO]], representing [[Internet]] end users from this region.<ref></ref> He will start his term to serve at [[ICANN66|ICANN 66]] in Montréal.
* In June 2019, Hudobnik was selected as a Fellow to participate in the [[EuroDIG]] 2019 in The Hague and helped to organize a session about the [[General Data Protection Regulation|GDPR]] Implementation.<ref>,_opportunities,_and_the_way_forward_%E2%80%93_WS_02_2019</ref>

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