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Fotjon Kosta

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Career History
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'''Fotjon Kosta''' is an Albanian ICT professional working in the Albanian Government, in Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy in Policies and Strategies Development for Telecommunication and Industry as [[ICT]] expertPost Unit. The last 11 years Kosta has worked in the private sector and the governmental sector, focusing on ICT projects and , telecommunication, broadband development and to [[cybersecurity]].
==Career History==
* 2017 - actually, Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy as Head of Unit Policies and Strategies Development for Telecommunication and Post* 2013-present 2017 Ministry of Energy and Industryas ICT Expert/ cybersecurity Expert* 2008-2013, Ministry of Economy Trade and Energyas Head of ICT/ICT Expert
* 2011-2012, Economist Private High-School, teaching ICT
* 2008-2011, Albanian Online Service Provider, engineer (part-time)
* 2007-2008, General Support Brigade, Ministry of Defenseas ICT Expert for Network Infrastructure* 2006-2007, BNT Electronics, Toshiba & Fujitsu Siemens Albania, ICT EnginnerEngineer
==ICANN and Internet Governance Participation==
* Since 2015, He is engaged and contributor in national, regional, European and Global level in the fields of Internet Governance, cybersecurity/Trust and Security, digital policies, IoT, online privacy, digital infrastructure, connectivity, etc., * ICANN Fellow 57, 58 , 59 and 5962* IGF 2015, 2016- 2019* EURODIG 2016, 2017- 2019* SEEDIG 2016, 2017- 2019
* APrIGF 2016 (remote participation)
* RIPE NCC see5 2016, 76, 78* SIF 2019  * 2017- actually, helped facilitate the first Albanian initiator and Coordinator of Albania IGF * 2017- actually,  member and board member with Secretary position on EURALO Individual Association at ALS * 2019 Ambassador of South Eastern Europe Dialogue on Internet Governance (SEEDIG) * 2019 - 2020 Board Member Selection Process Committee (BMSPC)
* During the year 2008-present, Kosta has being trained in several International and National institutions but mostly on Administration and Networking (Microsoft and CISCO) , cybersecurity, infrastructure and cybersecuritytelecommunications.
* 2002-2008 State University of New York Bachelor of Science Degree with Computer Science Major
* 1999-2002 Technical Educational Institute of Amaliada (T.E.E.) in Greece, with a Computer Science degree and a Certificate of Excellence's

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