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| logo = Logotrafficz.png
| type = Privately Held
| industry = Domain name monetization
| founded = Los Angeles, USA (2001)
| founder(s) = Ammar Kubba, Kevin Vo
| headquarters = 11300 W. Olympic Boulevard <br>
Suite 900 <br>
Los Angeles, CA, 90064 <br>
| country = USA
| products = premium domains, domain monetization
| website =
| keypeople = Ammar Kubba, COO

TrafficZ is a domain name monetization company that also offers premium domains for sale. TrafficZ is considered as being a pioneer in the industry of domain name monetization as it was one of the first companies launched on this niche. TrafficZ believes they offer "best-in-class monetization" and "superior domain management" to those who choose to park their domains at them. <ref>[ About TrafficZ]</ref>

== History ==

TrafficZ was founded back in 2001 and is a division of Thought Convergence, a Californian company that also owns important names in the industry of Internet services like [[DomainTools]] or<ref>[ Divisions of Thought Convergence]</ref> The headquarters of TrafficZ is located in Los Angeles, United States of America.

== Interesting facts about TrafficZ ==

* PPCIncome, a website specialized in analyzing domain name monetization services, named TrafficZ as being "the most improved PPC domain parking service"<ref>[ TrafficZ in PPCIncome]</ref> back in 2005.

* The founders of TrafficZ, Kevin Vo and Ammar Kubba, were the subject of a vast interview in the reputable DN Journal, in October 2007. The two are also co-owners of Thought Convergence, the parent company of TrafficZ. <ref>[ Kevin Vo and Ammar Kubba: How They Became Friends, Beat the Odds and Hit It Big With TrafficZ]</ref>

* DomainNameNews reported on 22 April 2008 that TrafficZ intends to buy NameIntelligence, the parent company of [[DomainTools]] for 16-18 million dollars.<ref>[ DRT: TrafficZ purchases NameIntelligence/DomainTools]</ref> The rumor was officially confirmed some two weeks later, on May 6 2008. <ref>[ Thought Convergence Acquires Name Intelligence]</ref>

==Awards ==

* Best Parking Company at the DOMAINfest Global 2008 <ref>[ DOMAINfest Global 2008 Delivers Dazzling Conference Encore in Hollywood, California]</ref>

== References ==

== External links ==

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