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Matthias Markus Hudobnik

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Publications, Presentations, and Interviews
'''Matthias Markus Hudobnik''' is an Austrian jurist and engineer so-called ''legal engineer''. In 2002, as a teenager, he bought his first [[Domain Name|domain name]] and started coding websites. Since then he has been passionate about the development of the [[Internet]].
From August 2018 until December 2019, he was [[EURALO]]’s Co-Chair of the ALAC Sub-Committee on Outreach & Engagement. Since November 2019, Hudobnik serves as a the youngest and first Austrian member of the [[At-Large Advisory Committee]] of [[EURALO]], representing [[Internet]] end users from this region.<ref name=":2"></ref><ref name=":3"></ref>
==Career History==
Hudobniks professional experiences range from Kazakhstan to Poland, Germany, Netherlands, and Austria in the fields of law and technology e.g. judiciary, EU Agency, international law firms, Cyber Security Center, University of Graz, Austrian Embassy - Commercial Section Almaty Office<ref></ref>, Mahle GmbH, Office of the Carinthian Government.
* From August 2018 until December 2019, he was [[EURALO]]’s Co-Chair of the [[At-Large Advisory Committee|ALAC]] Sub-Committee on Outreach & Engagement.<ref></ref>
* At [[ICANN 66]], Hudobnik provided guidance as a Coach in the [[ATLAS III|At-Large Summit III]]<ref></ref> and started his term to serve as a Member of the [[At-Large Advisory Committee]] of [[EURALO]].<ref name=":2" /><ref name=":3" />
* In February 2020, Hudobnik participated in the [[Internet governance|Internet Governance]] Next Generation panel at the [[Domain pulse]] 2020 organized by [[]] in Innsbruck and . He talked about diversity in the area of [[Internet governance|Internet Governance]], the importance of new young leaders and their voices.<ref></ref><ref></ref><ref></ref>
* At [[ICANN67|ICANN 67]], he supported as member of the [[At-Large Advisory Committee]] of [[EURALO]] the involvement of the [[At-Large Advisory Committee|At-Large]] community at the first virtual community forum.
* In May 2020, Hudobnik attened as member of the [[At-Large Advisory Committee]] and [[RIPE NCC]] Fellow Alumni the first virtual [[RIPE]] 80 meeting.<ref></ref>
* Paper Presentation, ''WHOIS and the GDPR - A (never) ending story in cyberspace?'' 34th IFIP SEC 2019, Lisbon School of Economics & Management<ref name=":1" />
* Interview, ''Bettina Gegenbauer und Matthias M. Hudobnik -'' ''It’s #NextGeneration'', Future-Law<ref></ref>
* Interview, ''Matthias M. Hudobnik - Eine Brücke zwischen Technik und Recht, [[]]''<ref></ref>

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