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Matthias Markus Hudobnik

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ICANN and Internet Governance Participations
* At [[ICANN 66]], Hudobnik guided as a coach in the [[ATLAS III|At-Large Summit III]]<ref></ref> and started his term to serve as a Member of the [[At-Large Advisory Committee]] of [[EURALO]].<ref name=":2" /><ref name=":3" />
* In February 2020, Hudobnik participated in the [[Internet governance|Internet Governance]] Next Generation panel at the [[Domain pulse]] 2020 organized by [[]] in Innsbruck. He talked about diversity in the area of [[Internet governance|Internet Governance]], the importance of new young leaders, and their voices.<ref></ref><ref></ref><ref></ref>
* At [[ICANN67|ICANN 67]], he supported as a member of the [[At-Large Advisory Committee]] of [[EURALO]] the involvement of the [[At-Large Advisory Committee|At-Large]] community at the first virtual community forumCommunity Forum.<ref></ref>
* In May 2020, Hudobnik attended the first virtual [[RIPE]] 80 meeting as a member of the [[At-Large Advisory Committee]] and [[RIPE NCC]] Fellow Alumni.<ref></ref>
* In June 2020, he participated in the first virtual [[EuroDIG]] 2020 to represent [[EURALO]] and attended the virtual [[ICANN 68]] Policy Forum as part of the At-Large Advisory Committee of EURALO focusing on domain name abuse during COVID-19.<ref></ref>

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