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Matthias Markus Hudobnik

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ICANN and Internet Governance Participations
* In May 2020, Hudobnik attended the first virtual [[RIPE]] 80 meeting as a member of the [[At-Large Advisory Committee]] and [[RIPE NCC]] Fellow Alumni.<ref></ref>
* In June 2020, he participated in the first virtual [[EuroDIG]] 2020 to represent [[EURALO]] and attended the virtual [[ICANN 68]] Policy Forum as part of the [[At-Large Advisory Committee]] of [[EURALO]], focusing on [[Domain Name|domain name]] abuse during COVID-19.<ref></ref>
* In July 2020, Hudobnik attended the virtual [[Internet Engineering Task Force|IETF]] 108<ref></ref> meeting to strengthen the connection between the [[Internet Engineering Task Force|IETF]] and [[Internet governance|Internet Governance]] community. He engrossed his attendance in the [[Domain Name System]] e.g. Domain Name System Operations<ref></ref> and [[Domain Privacy|privacy]] e.g. Privacy Enhancements and Assessments Research Group<ref></ref> sessions representing the [[At-Large Advisory Committee]].<ref></ref>

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