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Matthias Markus Hudobnik

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ICANN and Internet Governance Participations
* In October 2017, he was selected as an [[NextGen@ICANN#Ambassadors 3|Ambassador]] in the [[NextGen@ICANN]] pogram<ref></ref> at [[ICANN 60]] in Abu Dhabi.
* In December 2017, he was nominated by the [[EURALO Individuals' Association]]<ref></ref> for the [[EURALO]] Board<ref></ref> and got the opportunity to attend the [[IGF]] 2018 in Geneva.
* Between 2017/2018, Hudobnik served as a Member of the [[NextGen@ICANN]] Selection Committee for [[ICANN 62]], [[ICANN63|ICANN 63]], [[ICANN 64]]. He is a strong supporter of the [[NextGen@ICANN]] program and recently presents to them during [[ICANN Meetings|ICANN meetings]] in the context of engagement opportunities within [[ICANN]].
* In May 2018, he was selected to represent [[EURALO]] as [[CROPP]] funded candidate to attend [[re:publica]] in Berlin focusing on outreach and engagement of individual [[Internet]] users, who are interested in shaping the future of the [[Internet]].
* In June 2018, Hudobnik was selected as a Fellow to participate in the [[EuroDIG]] 2018 in Tbilisi.
* In June 2020, he participated in the first virtual [[EuroDIG]] 2020 to represent [[EURALO]] and attended the virtual [[ICANN 68]] Policy Forum as part of the [[At-Large Advisory Committee]] of [[EURALO]], focusing on [[Domain Name|domain name]] abuse during COVID-19.<ref></ref>
* In July 2020, Hudobnik attended the virtual [[Internet Engineering Task Force|IETF]] 108<ref></ref> meeting to strengthen the connection between the [[Internet Engineering Task Force|IETF]] and [[Internet governance|Internet Governance]] community. He engrossed his attendance in the [[Domain Name System]] e.g. Domain Name System Operations<ref></ref> and [[privacy]] e.g. Privacy Enhancements and Assessments Research Group<ref></ref> sessions representing the [[At-Large Advisory Committee]].<ref></ref>
* At [[ICANN 69]], he presented [[EURALO]]’s resources and experience with educational outreach<ref></ref> in the ''At-Large Community and [[Domain Name System|DNS]] Abuse: An Individual User Education Campaign''<ref></ref> session as well as spoke on current legislative processes and their impact onto ICANN's [[Domain Name System|DNS]] Abuse policies - what to expect<ref></ref> in the ''Beyond Budapest: The UN Cybercrime Treaty and [[Domain Name System|DNS]] Abuse''<ref></ref> session.<ref></ref>
Moreover, he was part of the UN-Shadowing Program at the [[IAEA]], the 23rd Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court,<ref></ref> and accomplished the Diploma course of the Global Advancement Programme<ref></ref> organized by the United Nations Youth and Student Association of Austria - Academic Forum for Foreign Affairs.<ref></ref>
==Media and Publications==
Hudobnik regularly speaks at ICANN meetings and published articles related to Cyberlaw, Cyber Security, Privacy, and Legaltech.
=== Scientific Production Writings and Presentations ===
* Article, <em>Is network communitarianism a better regulatory model than cyberpaternalism?</em> GAP-Journal 2015/16<ref></ref>
* Presentation, ''Regulation of the Digital Environment'', University of Graz, [[NextGen@ICANN|NextGen@ICANN58]] program<ref></ref>
* Poster Presentation, Space Law: <em>Austrian Pioneers in Space - Österreich und seine Bedeutung für die Raumfahrt,</em> Symposium: Trends and Challenges of Satellite-Based Earth Observation for Economics and Society, University of Graz<ref></ref>
* Paper Presentation, <em>Regulation in cyberspace?</em> VI International Summer School on Cyber Law, National Research University Higher School of Economics<ref></ref>

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