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Dirk Bhagat

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'''Dirk Bhagat''' is an Internet and technology entrepreneur who is currently the CEO of SharkFin Networks Inc., and the CTO of [[Special:MyLanguage/.CLUB Domains LLC|.CLUB Domains LLC]], which he co-founded with a longtime business partner, [[Special:MyLanguage/Colin Campbell|Colin Campbell]]. Prior to his current positions, Dirk also held a significant leadership position at an Internet-based company [[Special:MyLanguage/Hostopia|Hostopia]], where he served as CTO. Dirk also serves on the board of a mobile development company, Brisk Mobile.
Dirk received his BSc in Computer Science at the University of Toronto. From 2005 until 2011, Dirk served as CTO for, and pioneered its technology platform through the invention of Clustering Technology and SNAP migration, which allows for the seamless migration of millions of customers. Through the SNAP technology, Hostopia was able to acquire,, and EarthLink. <ref>[ Hostopia solves mass email migration promblemm problem with SNAP]</ref>
In 2011, Dirk became the CEO of an outdoor advertising company, SharkFin Networks,<ref>[ SharkFin Networks CEO Dirk Bhagat]</ref> which provides advertisements specifically to taxi companies, through LED specialty lighting and vehicle wrap services.<ref>[ About SharkFin Networks]</ref>
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