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Stephane Boutinet

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Stephane Boutinet is the Managing Director of Namebay.

==Stephane Boutinet and ICANN==
Due to this profession as a Managing Director, Stephane Boutinet is also in contact with [[ICANN]]. For instance, according to the attendance list from the [[ICANN]] Meeting from November 2005, he became the voting member for Namebay. In this way, a "voting member" is also a "registered representative". <ref>[ Attendance for ICANN Meeting Vancouver 2005]</ref>
Similarly, he was also involved as one of the parties for [[ICANN]] Joint Request for Reconsideration and Emergency Relief respectively the Amended Reconsideration Request from the 16th of March 2005. <ref>[ ICANN Joint Request for Reconsideration and Emergency Relief]</ref>

==About Namebay==
Namebay deals with domain name registration, domain name transfer, domain name renewal and administration. In addition, it also offers related services to [[DNS]] administration, [[SSL]] certificate, [[IDN]] and [[Whois]]. They also offer assistance on domains management.
There are two important services of Namebay:
# '''Namebay Corporate''' available at [ website link] - which exclusively deals with services for companies and enterprises for a capitalization and portfolio management of domain names; <ref>[ Namebay Corporate]</ref>
# '''Namebay Pro''' available at [ website link] - which deals with the creation of domain names and all the necessary documentation;<ref>[ Namebay Pro]</ref>

==Namebay and ICANN==
Namebay is an accredited registrar of [[ICANN]], a domain name registration office. Namebuy offers a wide variety of services related to domain names, while the Managing Director, Stephane Boutinet is also a member of [[ICANN]]. <ref>[ Namebuy and ICANN]</ref>


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