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[[Image:Enom_logo.gif|thumb|200px|right|Bellevue, WA, USA]]
== Introduction to eNom Company History ==
eNom built a platform for buying, selling, and using domain names in the marketplace.
[ eNom] was started in 1997 in the garage of its founder and CEO, [Paul Stahura]. eNom is a technology provider in the domain name services industry. With a global customer base, eNom is focused on providing stable, and flexible domain name technology.
== eNom is a technology company at heart ==
eNom has grown to become the third largest domain registrar in the world with nearly 6 million domains under management. eNom is the largest domain registrar with a reseller model with tens of thousands of resellers. These resellers use eNom's application programming interface (API) to buy and sell domain names on their own web sites, or eNom's hosted reseller solution - a customer retail website branded as the reseller's but hosted by eNom.
Much of the Network Solutions inventory is classified as "Pre-Release" names available at no other aftermarket venue. The site auctions active names, dropped names, and names that are post-expiration. Features include public auctions, private auctions, ascending-price and reverse auctions, proxy bidding, reserve price auctions, buy-it-now auctions.
== eNom's innovative reseller model ==
eNom has two ways to set up resellers: First is through eNom's PDQ tool, which is a semi-customizable domain name selling kit for resellers who are less technical or who want something more compartmentalized. The second way to access and provision domain names and the value added services is through the API. eNom's API gives web designers more flexibility for selling domain names and Value Added Services (VAS).

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