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Martin Boyle

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'''Martin Boyle''' is the Senior Policy Advisor at [[Nominet]] UK, where he develops the UK-[[IGF ]] multi-stakeholder partnership to ensure effective British engagement in the international policy discussions. He works with Key Stakeholders key stakeholders to positively change Internet users and to shape the development of the Interne Internet.<ref>[]</ref>
He also serves as a Member of [[ENISA Permanent Stakeholders Group]] , and Adan ad-hoc Working Group on the Protection of Country Names in Connection with the Introduction of New [[gTLD]]s.<ref>[]</ref>
== Career History ==
Mr. Boyle has been working with [[Nominet ]] since 2008. Prior to which , he was the head of the International Communications Policy team in the UK Department for business. Following WSIS, he worked with other partners to promote British involvement in the Internet Governance Forum, the initiative that became the UK-IGF. From 2005-2008, he was the Head of International [[ICT]] Policy at Department for Business.
== Industry and ICANN work ==In response to the [[WSIS]] he worked with other partners to promote British involvement in the [[IGF|Internet Governance Forum], the initiative eventually became the UK-IGF. From 2005 to 2008, he was the Head of International [[ICT]] Policy within the U.K. Department for Business. He was a speaker at the [[EuroDIG]] 2009,<ref>[]</ref> a panelist at 9th Meeting of the [[ICANN Studienkreis]],<ref>[]</ref> and at “International Debate: [[ICANN]], [[Whois]], and the New MoU”[[MoU]]”.<ref>[]</ref>  Mr. Boyle has been the UK Representative at to ICANN's [[GAC]].<ref>[]</ref>Mr. Boyle was the reprensetative of the UK in some of the discussions regarding authorizing the [[.xxx]] [[sTLD]]. He believed that if the .xxx is authorized it should be properly regulated. He sent a [ letter] to [[Vint Cerf]] regarding this. He has been a National Representative of the [[WSIS]] at [[ISOC]] meetings.<ref>[]</ref> He also takes part in [[IGF]] workshops.<ref>[]</ref> Mr. Boyle was a speaker at "Internet Governance for Development: Focusing on the Issues".<ref>[]</ref>
== Education ==
He has studied from at the University of Surrey.<ref>[]</ref>
== References ==

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