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Sorry for the paragraphs! Hope you can help. : P
== Info Box ==
When I was talking about [[MarkMonitor]] and the info box, I meant that I tried on that article and the code from wikipedia doesn't always quite work here, they have templates set up. You'll have to look at it through the "edit" feature, but this is the code for an infobox (taken from Yahoo! article):
{{Infobox company
|company_name = Yahoo! Inc.
|company_logo = [[File:Yahoo Logo.svg|250px]]
|company_type = [[Public company|Public]] ({{nasdaq|YHOO}})
|foundation = [[Santa Clara, California|Santa Clara]], [[California]]<br />(March 1, 1995)
|founder = [[Jerry Yang (entrepreneur)|Jerry Yang]] <br /> [[David Filo]]
|location_city = 701 First Ave. [[Sunnyvale, California|Sunnyvale]], [[California]]
|location_country = {{nowrap|[[United States]]}}
|industry = [[Internet]], [[Computer software]]
|area_served = Worldwide
|key_people = '''[[Carol Bartz]]''' <small>([[Chief Executive Officer|CEO]])</small><br />'''[[Roy J. Bostock]]''' <small>([[Chairman]])</small><br />'''[[Jerry Yang (entrepreneur)|Jerry Yang]]''' <small>(Co-founder)</small><br />'''[[David Filo]]''' <small>(Co-founder)</small>
|num_employees = 13,900 <small>(Q4 2009)</small><ref name='Yahoo! Investor Relations: Frequently Asked Questions|'>{{cite web |url= |title=Yahoo! Investor Relations: Frequently Asked Questions |publisher=''Yahoo! Investor Relations' |accessdate=2010-04-03}}</ref>
|products = See [[list of Yahoo!-owned sites and services|list of Yahoo product]]s.
|revenue = {{decrease}} [[United States dollar|$]]6.460 billion <small>(2009)</small><ref name="2009financials">{{cite web |author=YHOO Investor Relations |date=2009-09-01 |url= |title=Annual Report 2009, Financial Highlights | |publisher=Yahoo |accessdate=2009-10-07}}</ref>
|operating_income = {{decrease}} $3.589 billion <small>(2009)</small><ref name="2009financials" />
|net_income = {{increase}} $597.99 million <small>(2009)</small><ref name="2009financials" />
|assets = {{increase}} $14.936 billion <small>(2009)</small><ref name="2009financials" />
|equity = {{increase}} $12.493 billion <small>(2009)</small><ref name="2009financials" />
|slogan = "''Do you Yahoo?''"
|subsid = [[List of acquisitions by Yahoo!]]
|homepage = []
|intl = yes
There is a bunch of extra stuff that we don't need in it, but you get the idea. I started adding references too, but same deal there. I can't use the nice clean code from Wikipedia because we don't have a "references" template. Started manually putting some in as best I could. You can see some on [[MarkMonitor]]. Am I missing something? Sorry to be a bother. [[User: Mcornelius|Mcornelius]]

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