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Dan Trampedach

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'''Dan Trampedach''' is an Entrepreneur and IT Specialist and Consultant, presently working as a Partner at [[Thomsen Trampedach GmbH]], a firm he Co-founded.
=== Career History ===
*Presently he is the Partner at Thomsen Trampedach GmbH, a company he founded with [[Casper Thomsen]].<ref>[ linkedin]</ref>
*He is the Co-founder of DABGO.<ref>[]</ref>*He is the Co-founder and Partner at Innovation & More GmbH.
*He was the General Manager at [[Speednames GmbH]] from 2006-2007.<ref>[]</ref>
*At Ascio Technologies he served as Director of Partner Service & Fulfilment from 2003-2006, before which he was the Partner Service Manager and Pre-sales Engineer at the same company.
=== External Links ===
=== References ===

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