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There is a bunch of extra stuff that we don't need in it, but you get the idea. I started adding references too, but same deal there. I can't use the nice clean code from Wikipedia because we don't have a "references" template. Started manually putting some in as best I could. You can see some on [[MarkMonitor]]. Am I missing something? Sorry to be a bother. [[User: Mcornelius|Mcornelius]]
== Directi article ==
I think so this is the way to communicate on Wiki, I hope, you get my message. I have changed the directi article, added some new references (out of directi). I have not changed the refrence list at the bottom of the page, I will do that once we finalize the references. There might be some repetition of reference.
I have added the image and also I have change the bullets.

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