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| founders = [[Nikolaj Niholm]]<br/>[[Martin Soegaard Nielsen]]
| ownership =
| headquarters = Islands Brygge 55Arne Jacobsens Allé 15<br>Copenhagen S,2300
| country = Denmark
| businesses =
| products =
| employees = 275350
| revenue =
| website = []
| blog =
| facebook =
| linkedin = [ Company Profile]
| twitter =
| keypeople = [[Daniel Grant]], Marketing Manager
'''Ascio''' is an [[ICANN]]-accredited registrar founded in 1999 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since 2007, it has functioned as a subsidiary of [[Group NBT plc]],<ref>[ Crunchbase Profile]</ref> which is largely asociated with the UK domain name market.The acquisition of Ascio solidified Group NBT as the largest pan-European provider of domain management services. Around the time of the acquisition, in 2006, Ascio was pulling in a revenue of 9.6 million pounds. The acquisition cost 18.3 million pounds in cash, shares, and options.<ref>[]</ref>
Ascio has more than one two million domains under management, <ref>[ LinkedIn Company Profile]</ref> and it specializes in the international [[ccTLD]] market. Its 275 employees are based in Copenhagen, Oslo, Munich, Vienna, Zurich, Nice, Madrid, London, and New York.<ref>[ Ascio- About]</ref> Ascio offers 250 [[TLD]]s.<ref>[]</ref>
Ascio has direct accreditation with over 90 [[ccTLD]] organizations and registries.<ref>[ Ascio-Accreditation]</ref> Many of its employees sit on registry boards and work for consulting bodies related to these organizations.They have over 300 partnerships with registrars, telecom operators, webhosting companies, Internet access providers and IP law firms.<ref>[ LinkedIn Company Profile]</ref>
*'''GlobalWHOIS'''- Allows access to international domain availability.
*'''Consolidation Services'''
*'''CampaginsCampaigns'''- Provides marketing campaign work targeted and themed on a custom basis.<ref>[ Ascio Services]</ref><ref>[ Bloomberg Business Week]</ref> Ascio has automated 90% of its transactions and claims to have optimized its [[ccTLD]] processing more than any other registrar.<ref>[ Company LinkedIn Profile]</ref>

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