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'''Ascio''' is an [[ICANN]]-accredited registrar founded in 1999 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since 2007, it has functioned as a subsidiary of [[Group NBT plc]],<ref>[ Crunchbase Profile]</ref> which is largely asociated with the UK domain name market.The acquisition of Ascio solidified Group NBT as the largest pan-European provider of domain management services. Around the time of the acquisition, in 2006, Ascio was pulling in a revenue of 9.6 million pounds. The acquisition cost 18.3 million pounds in cash, shares, and options.<ref>[]</ref>
Ascio has more than two million domains under management,<ref>[ LinkedIn Company Profile]</ref> and it specializes in the international [[ccTLD]] market. Its 275 employees are based in Copenhagen, Oslo, Munich, Vienna, Zurich, Nice, Madrid, London, and New York.<ref>[ Ascio- About]</ref> Ascio offers 250 [[TLD]]s.<ref>[]</ref>

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