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| logo =safenames_logo.png
| type =
| industry = Domain Registration,<br>Portfolio Management,<br>Online Trademark Protection
| founders =
| ownership =
| headquarters =Sunrise Parkway,<br>Linford Wood,<br>Milton Keynes,<br>MK14 6LS
| country = UK
| businesses =
'''SafenamesLtd''' is a domain registrar, specializing in corporate domain portfolio management and online trademark services. Their web-based products are made for use within their clients' legal and marketing departments. Their main headquarters is in Milton Keynes, England; they also have offices in Virginia, USA, and Sydney, Australia.
Safenames was founded in 1997, and gained [[ICANN]] accreditation in 2002.<ref>[]</ref>
[[Category:Corporate Brand Protection]]

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